SGrCh SUCh SV-15 S*Silverklippan's Viktoria 91p/100p, 3 x BIJ, 4 x Cert, Swedish Show Champion, 2 x Grand Cert and Swedish Grand Champion and in DK 91,5p/100p, BIJ and Cert

Last Update: 6/9-2017
At the moment we have chins for sale!


SCAF's Breeder of the Year 2013 & 2015 


Qualified chinchilla judge 

SCAF's Judge of the year 2015 & 2016

We are located In Norrköping
//Catarina "Cattis" Börkén Öhman 

S*Silverklippan's first litter of Blue Diamond is born!

In October 2014, we imported the first Goldbar to Sweden.

In March 2015, we imported the first Black Pearls to Sweden.

In January 2016 Sweden's (Scandinavia's) first Black Pearls was born at our breeding.

Last born litter,
S*Silverklippan's Oddish

Parents: S*Silverklippan's Jalokin & SUCh Dissing's Broken Dreams